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  • Soft Suction Catheter
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    Soft Suction Catheter

    Products Details Feature : Made of non toxic medical grade PVC, transparent, flexible, DEHP-FREE is optional. 4 tips available, Finger control connector, Y-connector, T-connector, Plain connector. Color-coded for easy size identification. Tube length: 500mm CE marked. OEM is...Read More
  • Disposable Suction Catheter
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    Disposable Suction Catheter

    Products Details Instruction : 1.All the parts of Suction Catheter are Manufactured from non-toxic non-irritant medical grade PVC. 2.Tightened inspection and sterilizing make the Suction Catheter safer. 3.Suction catheters are suitable for removal of secretion from mouth,...Read More
  • PVC Suction Catheter Kit
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    PVC Suction Catheter Kit

    Products Details Direction: 1. Suction catheter is used to suck the sputum and secretion in respiratory tract. 2. The catheter is used by directly inserted into the throat or by the inserted tracheal tube for anaesthesia 3. For single use only, Prohibited to re-use 4....Read More
  • Sterile Suction Catheter
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    Sterile Suction Catheter

    Products Details Features: Made of clear soft PVC Color-coded connector for easy identification of size Soft distal end facilitates comfortable insertion. Plain Type/T Type/Y type transparent/ Y type/ Cap-coneRead More