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  • Closed Suction Catheter Transparent
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    Closed Suction Catheter Transparent

    Closed Suction Catheter Transparent consists of a three-way valve, a adapter and a suction catheter. The suction catheter extends from the three-way valve to the adapter and is covered in thin film. The three-way valve has distilled water delivery port for cleaning after use.Read More
  • Closed Suction Catheter System
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    Closed Suction Catheter System

    It offers tracheostomy patients and endotracheal intubated patients a more comfortable suction procedure without breaking up the oxygen support. Furthermore, such change helps hospitals effectively not only control the healthcare cost but also lower the cross contamination...Read More
  • Closed Suction System for Tracheostomy
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    Closed Suction System for Tracheostomy

    Products Details Features: 1. Plastic suction catheter, slide valve for positive pressure, transparent plastic film and commutation switch and three-way connectors compose a closed suction catheter. 2. This product changed traditional open operation it avoided medical staff...Read More