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Nebulizer Mask

  • Disposable Nebulizer Mask
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    Disposable Nebulizer Mask

    Features: 1.Mask is made of medical grade PVC,soft&comfortable. 2.Adjustable nose clip. 3.Elastic strap,latex-free is optional 4.Nebulizer bottle volumes of 6ml,20ml 5.7 fts oxygen tube 6.Available with transparent/green color 7.Customization is acceptableRead More
  • Adult Elongated Nebulizer Face Mask
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    Adult Elongated Nebulizer Face Mask

    Products Details Function: This equipment sprayed liquid medication to fog panel by compressing air,and form tiny particles,which flow into the throat through imbibing tube.It adopts oil-free-high-efficiency valve with no need for daily lubrication and it is with low...Read More
  • Adult Nebuliser Mask
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    Adult Nebuliser Mask

    Products Details Features: 1.Made of non toxic medical grade PVC, transparent, flexible, DEHP-FREE is optional. 2.Nebulizer jag capacity is available for 6ml or 20ml. 3.Adjustable aluminum nose clip,which is surface-treated for shinny and smooth. 4.Elastic cord comfortably go...Read More
  • Baby Nebulizer Mask
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    Baby Nebulizer Mask

    Products Details Description: Baby nebulizer mask Set reusable nebulizers delivering fast, efficient treatments and optimal particle size. The nebulizer jar is the part of your aerosol delivery system that turns your liquid medication into a mist, or aerosol. PARI's...Read More
  • Pediatric Nebulizer Mask
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    Pediatric Nebulizer Mask

    Products Details Description: Attach the oxygen supply tubing to the gas source and set the oxygen to the prescribed flow.check for gas flow through the device.Place the mask on the patients face with the elastic strap below the ears and around the neck.Gently pull the ends...Read More
  • Adult Extended Nebulizer Mask Kit
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    Adult Extended Nebulizer Mask Kit

    Products Details Description: Nebulizers use oxygen, compressed air or ultrasonic power to break up solutions and suspensions into small aerosol droplets that can be directly inhaled from the mouthpiece of the device. The definition of an aerosol is a "mixture of gas and...Read More
  • Nebulizer Masks for Adults
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    Nebulizer Masks for Adults

    Products Details Feature: 1.Nebulizer Mask:Made of medical grade PVC material,the nasal end and the elastic band can be adjusted,the fog cup seal is good,no leakage. 2.Aerosal Cans:6CC,blue and white,adjustable.The fog is good and the particles are fine. 3.Atomizing Tube:Long...Read More
  • Nebulizer Mask Adult with Tubing
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    Nebulizer Mask Adult with Tubing

    Products Details Description The mask is high transparent , fine texture flexibility,therefore fitting face well at high comfort level.High atomization quantity is more than 0.16mL/min,specially quench imported steel.Each Mask is individually sealed and wrapped for safetyRead More
  • Pediatric Nebulizer Mask and Tubing
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    Pediatric Nebulizer Mask and Tubing

    Products Details Feature 1. Universal connector is available; 2. DEHP Free PVC is for being chosen; 3. For medication administration during surgery. 4. Sterilized by EO gas, single use; 5. CE, ISO 13485 is approved.Read More
  • Oxygen Mask with Nebulizer
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    Oxygen Mask with Nebulizer

    Products Details Description · Design in compliance with face anatomy · Made of medical PVC material · 2.1m muti-channel tubing,customized for optional · Standard connection connector · 6ml and 20ml medicine chamber are available to choose · Air passage safety · Elastic...Read More
  • Infant Nebulizer Mask
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    Infant Nebulizer Mask

    Products Details Description 1.100% medical grade PVC material. 2.Jet Nebulizer Set come with mask as the interface of inhalation. 3.Clear for visual assessment. 4.Extra comfort for patient better fit. 5.Equipped with a 6cc or 20cc nebulizer. 6.Standard Particle size:0.5-1.0...Read More
  • Child Nebulizer Mask
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    Child Nebulizer Mask

    Products Details Feature 1.Designed to be used with any standard Nebulizer kit. 2.Made from a soft clear plastic and are anatomically formed for comfort. 3.Latex – Free. 4.It has an Elastic Strap for added comfort. 5.Each Mask is individually sealed and wrapped for safety....Read More
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