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  • Tracheostomy Tubes with Cuff
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    Tracheostomy Tubes with Cuff

    Products Details Product Characteristics 1.It consists transparent , X-ray line ,medical grade PVC,sterile ,High volume, low pressure cuff, 2.it can do continuous suction of subglottic secretions, reducing the clinical effect of exogenous infection and sedimentary incidence...Read More
  • PVC Tracheostomy Tubes
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    PVC Tracheostomy Tubes

    Products Details Descriptions : 1.Designed to establish and maintain an airway in case of emergency atraumatic . 2.Made from non-toxic ,clear ,medical-grade PVC material 3.Full-length Radio-opaque line aids the assessment of exact location of the tube . 4.Rounded and smooth...Read More
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